Colin0013 (colin0013) wrote in simmsational,

Well then, that was tasteless

Yes, I know... I'm actually posting in the Simmsational community... how un-Simmsational of me!

Anyway, I've been a Wrestling fan for a long time, and in the last 8 years or so I've seen some shit that made me say to myself, "There was no need for that," or "Wow, that was just plain tasteless." For example, the Kane/HHH Necrophilia angle, and the time that Sable got her 3rd set of implants that were so big you could see each individual vein in her breasts... You know, back when she was really hot and then came out with two medicine balls in her bra and the world collectivily sighed and said "I wish Tammy Sytch would get off the crack, on the treadmill, and come back."

But tonight, to me, was the beginning of the most tasteless angle in WWE history. Lita cheating on Kane with Edge. Gimmie a fucking break. Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge and MATT lost his job for it, so now the powers that be just rub that in a little more and create an angle around it? Thats just fucking horrible. Matt Hardy now not only has to live with that fact that he was the good guy and still got fired for it, but he has to see his ex girlfriend and ex bestfriend make out on Raw every monday. I think the main event for One Night Stand should be Matt v. Edge/Lita/and whoever the dumb fucks who created this angle were in a "My name is Indigo Montoya, you stole my girlfriend, prepare to die" match.

I'm disgusted, I'm outta here

Colin Furocious
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