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simmsational's Journal

The Original Sim's
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The Sim's are people that tried hard to become MF'ers but fell short. Instead of having to go through the agony of working hard, day in day out to follow Mattitude, I suggest you relax and become Simmsational!

What is a Sim? you may ask. A Sim like most things are just a step or two down from greatest. We strive to be OK and if we're not, we didn't really try that hard anyway.

Sim's do not try for greatness as it leads to expectation. Instead let things happen.

A few examples of the differances between having Mattitude and being Simmsational are:

Matt Fact:
Matt's book is on the New York times best sellers list, of course.

Simms Fact:
Scott has read books.


Matt Fact:
Matt doesn't know how they did wrestlemania without him.

Simms Fact:
Scott doesn't know what he'd do without Wrestlemania.